Friday, June 28, 2013

Ways To Show Multiplication! (and a chance for a giveaway!)

We have not posted in a while, but now we are back! (With a fancy new blog design thanks to Bird in Hand blog design!) We have been out of school for a week now, and the last few weeks of school were super busy! Now that I have had time to relax, I was able to finish a pack I have been working on for Ways to Show Multiplication. With the new common core standards, they really want kids to understand the concept behind multiplication and not just memorize the facts! We practiced this a lot this past year, and I wanted to create something for next year to help us practice. So here is my new product I created.. Ways To Show Multiplication Pack! It has tutorials, posters, practice pages, an assessment, some center games, and Multiplication Match Up Cards that can be used in many ways. I have it at a discount price for the month of July... check it out on TPT by clicking below. Also, I am going to give it away for free to one follower who leaves a comment on this post! Be sure to include your email address.  I will choose the winner on July 7! So leave a comment for a chance to win it! 

I also wanted to show some ideas that we did in class this year for hands on learning of ways to show multiplication. For arrays, we made our own arrays using Froot Loops cereal (kids love getting to play with food!) 

I also saw this idea on Pinterest somewhere to show multiplication with the hands! So we traced hands and added sparkly diamonds to them to show equal groups! These made for a nice display also! 

So now that you have read all the way down to here.. here is a link to a Ways to Show Multiplication graphic organizer that is a freebie of ours! Click HERE to go to it!   Don't forget to comment below with your email address if you want a chance to win the Ways To Show Multiplication Pack! Thanks for stopping by!