Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Peek Into My Classroom & A Sale!

Well now that we have been back at school for a month (exactly a month today!) I finally got around to taking some pictures of things in my classroom to share. I also have lots of cute project pictures to put up in upcoming blog posts, so be sure to check back soon :) 

Here is one view of my classroom! This was the day before the kids started, pretty late in the afternoon after setting it all up. It's pretty shadowy, but what I love about my room is its bright yellow color. it's so cheery! 

Here are some other things I love in my classroom. This is our Goal Board. I created this myself! We come up with a goal, and each time we accomplish it, the football moves 10 yards. When we reach the goal, we earn the reward. As you can see, we are almost at our goal of a no homework night for everyone bringing in all parts of their homework! 

Keeping with the football theme, this is a Writing Goals chart I made. These are some goals we are starting off with, and I have about 20 other sheets of interchangeable goals.  Each child has a football clip to attach to their goal. They have a sheet they color in when they show me progress towards their goal also. 

One last thing to share is our behavior board. We have a classroom number that we move up for excellent class behavior and listening, and that can move down for not following directions, being too noisy, etc. It starts at 10 each day. We move 1 space for being above an 8 and 2 spaces for being above a 10. They can also earn bonus spaces for good behavior during drills or assemblies.  There are different milestones to earn rewards! 

I have more pictures I will post soon! Thanks for taking a look around :) 

Also, check out our Teachers Pay Teachers store for our Novel Unit Sale. All of our novel units are on sale for $6.00. Click on the link to visit our store! 


  1. I love the football goal field! That is awesome! :) You need to sale that on TPT!


    Mind Sparks

  2. Hello
    Would you mind telling me where you got the materials to make the Sweet Behaviour chart? I want to make one for my class.

    Thanks a bunch