Tuesday, April 21, 2015

#iteach345 Stress Free Giveaway!

We are joining #iteach345 to give you some helpful end of year, stress free tips…and a GIVEAWAY to make the EOY a bit stress free too with an end of year activity that can be used in just about any grade!!! We all know how hectic and exhausting the end of the school year can be!  Heck, we are already counting down the days and it's only still April!!! (We go until JUNE!!!!!). 

Here are a few tips that help us survive!!! 

K doesn't really drink coffee but N and J - well…we basically survive on iced coffee!!!! to make it just a wee bit healthier i've weaned from half and half to skim milk and the transition hasn't been too bad!!! (Remember, almost summer!!!!)

it is soooo easy to start to slack and let lessons go towards the end of the year.  We are just as burnt out as the students are! But being prepared helps keep you stress-free.  I try to leave a nice, neat pile in the middle of my desk with the materials needed for the next day. This way, if it's a surprisingly warm day it's easier to call out and go to the beach since everything is ready!!! I can come in a few minutes later since everything is prepared for the day and ready to go!! 
*Also, watching fun classic Disney movies (like The Lion King) is always a way to destress!!!

and finally, simply: 

We do what we do because we love it.  Sometimes it is really hard. Sometimes really stressful. Some days you cry…most we laugh.  But in the end we do it for the passion and love for our "kids"…

And here to relieve some stress!! Enter to win this Classroom Decor pack to have you just one step closer to being prepared for the BEGINNING of the school year!!!! Just share our link to your twitter, Facebook, or Instagram (@knjkreations) with the hashtag #iteach345…copy it in the comments below…and give us your email for a chance to win!!!!

Keep on Teachin'!

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