Friday, June 12, 2015

Two Truths and a Lie part II

Well, it is time for the grand reveal!!! We had so much fun reading everyone's comments with their guesses for us!! And getting to know so many blogging colleagues was just awesome.  Incredibly, no one guessed correctly!  However, we appreciate all the participation and have randomly selected a winner to choose something from our TPT store!  But first...

#3 ~ K, N, & J in fact grew up in the same area.  But we didn't meet each other until we had the luck to work together in the same school!  We have clearly become great friends and we love working together every day.  We also hang out on weekends and celebrate everything in our lives together - we're making up for all that lost time from when we were growing up!!

#2 ~ N actually auditioned for Wheel of Fortune just YESTERDAY!!!! [more on that in a future blog post!!!]

#1 ~ Sadly, between the 3 of us we have not made it to 10 European countries.  I think we've covered about 3 or 4!!!

Thank you guys so much for participating! Check back again and please make sure to follow us on Instagram! (it's much more instant than blogging and we seem to keep up with that a bit better!)

Liveloveserveteach please email us at with an item of your choice from our KNJ tpt Store and we will email it to you! :) 

Happy Friday, everyone!! After today, we have 5 days left of school here in HOT New Jersey before summer officially begins!!!


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