Thursday, March 7, 2013

Alliteration Linky Fun!

This alliteration linky from Primary Possibilities looks like fun! So here we go!

MUSIC - What kind of music do you like to listen to?

I love COUNTRY MUSIC! My favorite country artist is Luke Bryan. I have met him two times, and he is adorable! What a smile! I also really enjoy Kip Moore. His entire CD is fantastic, check it out! 

This is a picture I took when I got to see Luke on Good Morning America this past summer! 

MENU - When you go out, what is your favorite item to order from a menu?

This is a tough one, because I love food. I would have to say that the dish I order most when going out to eat though is penne vodka :) 

This is a home-made penne vodka I made (with no extras added in, just the way I like it)

MANAGEMENT -  What is your best classroom management tip? What works best for you? How do you manage your literacy stations, math rotations, small groups, and organization tips?

I like how I manage my centers and guided reading time. I have a center board, with each group's names on cute ocean creatures ( I have an ocean theme in my class) They are backed on the color of their group. I use velcro to put up icons with pictures of what centers they are at for the day. Above the centers chart, I have another big poster with all the center icons where I write directions for all of the centers for the week, so I do not get a million "What am I supposed to do in this center again?" questions. They can just look at the chart for an easy reminder of the directions. I also have color coded baskets for each group, where all the materials they will need for their centers that day go. This is also where they hand in completed work. Once I am back at school (I am at a workshop tomorrow) I will take a picture of these and add it! It helps everything run smoothly!

Hope you enjoyed, now go link up!

~ Kristen


  1. You've met Luke Bryan? Twice?? How is that fair? Found your blog through the linky!

  2. Oh my word!! Luke is such a hottie!! Thank you for linking up!!

  3. My daughter's best friend would give anything to meet Luke Bryan. She wants to cancel her graduation party because Luke will be in the area performing on that day and she doesn't want to miss the concert. ~Stacy @ (Your newest follower)