Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Qommon Qore Quads...

Can't you tell how much we just loooove alliteration?!  This week we reviewed quadrilaterals but added in how to classify them based on sides (equal? parallel?) and angles.  Now too much to share about the activity but I did have a friend "connect" quadrilateral with the quad he has always wanted to ride! and how many wheels does this quad have!? "FOUR!" and how many sides do quadrilaterals have?! "OOOOOOH! FOUR!".  Love moments like this!  I had them make posters to help them study/review and they taped them to the side of their desks ("Our desks are quadrilaterals too!").  Unfortunately, with this our district adopting the Common Core Standards this school year, we have felt a bit overwhelmed and well, under time.  In fourth grade we currently have math daily for an hour - that's when we do our Fraction Frenzy unit (Numbers & Operations: Fractions)!!! And then each class (we have two fourth grade classes) has one extra math class a week  and this is where we have our Geometry unit (4.G.1.2.3).  Finally, twice a week after school we fit in the Measurment and Data standards!! Phew, luckily - I have coined myself amongst our fourth graders as a MatheMagician who looooves teaching Math!! I'm already excited for Pi Day on Thursday! I'll be sure to blog some pictures of our activities and I even created a little PiDay activity packet!!!  For now, here are some pics of our quadrilateral day today aaaand just click here to get your own copy! for your students to create their own posters!! Have a Wonderful Wednesday tomorrow - hump day is almost here!!!


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  2. it was listed as a free download but in fact sent for to teachers paying teachers and was 4.00