Monday, September 2, 2013

last minute...

Well, it is Labor Day today but it doesn't really feel like a holiday! Tomorrow we have our last chance to make sure our classrooms are ready for B2S next Monday and i got NO sleep thinking of all the last minute details.  

  • Shoot! I never numbered their baskets!...
  • Should I re-make my VOICES (from 6+1 Traits of Writing) mini posters to match my "ice cream colors" theme?....
  • OH NO! i need to get recipe cards for our "Recipe to Success" bulletin board....
  • i have two horseshoe tables - and i still haven't decided which one i'm going to use as my "spot" (read THIS about how we got rid of our desks....what the @*&# were we thinking????)
  • must finish painting the bookshelf (i'll post before & after pics after i the husband finishes it!)
  • WHEN can i do this awesome Picture of the Day that Jen Jones from Hello Literacy does? i really think it'll help students with so many reading skills!
  • i still have nowhere to put my calendar!! that realllllllly necessary?! list is a liiiiitle longer than i realized and i am about to go into panic mode!

but before i go, i'm hoping i'm not the only one that still has a "TO-DO" list before going back to school. (or are you back and realized you STILL have a list!?) so to maybe give you a little help, here is a FREEBIE of the numbers i will be using for each student's basket.  I will have 22 4th graders in my class this year but i numbered up to 36 - i really hope you don't have more than 36 students! You can also use the numbers for calendar or for whatever you choose.  but PLEASEEEEE tell me i'm not the only one struggling wiht last minute back to school stuff!! 

AND to make pancakes then go to the outlets to maybe buy some shoes!!! 

^Who said i'm procrastinating.....^

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