Friday, August 16, 2013

Flippin' Excited


i am just so flippin' excited i've been talking about this purchase all day every day since wednesday.  As Natalie mentioned - did you see her AMAZING Win it Wednesday post vvvv below vvvv?? i'm OBSESSED with everything jungle so I mayyyy just try to shmooze her to get a set, too ;-)

ANYWAY so as Natalie mentioned (was that even a complete sentence above? I'm just so excited), KNJ took our annual trip to Lakeshore Learning on Wednesday and of course we each set a budget (THANK YOU TPT!!!!) and OF COURSE i passed it. BUT i absolutely had to. LOOK. AT. THIS.

it's a basketball hoop thing!!! it was ON SALE marked from $99 to $47 to $31!!!!!! so let me explain the excitement.  we play TRASHKETBALL in our class. yes, TRASH-KETBALL. and my kids students are OBSESSED. here is how i get them excited for ANYTHING. seriously, ANYTHING at all. it started with a grammar lesson.  I made a quick powerpoint of sentences with writing/grammar errors.  I put the kids in small groups and gave each group ONE whiteboard (hey, they gotta co-op-er-ate!).  they had to either make the corrections or write "No Error".  If the TEAM got it correct, one person from the team would take a small square of scrap paper (RECYCLE!!!!), crumble it into a ball, and shoot into the trash can.  (the next round, another person "represented" to shoot for the team).  that's it.  and they were OBSESSED!!! they could only shoot if they got it right, and then after each sentence we would make the corrections on the board so everyone could see their errors. the kids asked me every subject every period every day, "can we play trashketball can we play trashketball can we play trashketball....." (aaaaah!) but i didn't have another grammar slideshow made!! BUT WAIT!!!! who said i had to limit it to that?? let's see if this works with..... MATH! (yep!) ...SOCIAL STUDIES? (no way!!...wait....YEP!!!!!!) now I was obsessed. so when we went to lakeshore and found ^THIS^ gem, i couldn't pass it up!!!! let me figure out how to post a document and i'll share the grammar slideshow i did with them to start trashketball.  it was one of those on-a-whim lets-just-practice quickly-done docs so please don't expect anything spectacular!!  i plan on putting the basketball hoop over the garbage can but NOT permanently there (can you imagine used tissues being thrown through the hoop?! NO THANK YOU!!!) and im sure it will be "rewarding" when i take it out!!! CAN'T WAIT!

here's my second excitement:
i'm sure there's a gazillion ways to use this....but i just don't know what i'm going to use it for!!!! any ideas??? what do YOU use this for? i'm going to try really hard to not use it to store JUNK.  But i, (like natalie!!!!) also got rid of THIS hunkometal: 

i just couldn't take it anymore it took up SO much space.  please please please share your thoughts on what i can use my FABULOUS colorful organizer for :-) 

HAVE A FANTASTIC FRIDAY and a WONDERFUL WEEKEND and good luck winning our Win It Wednesday contest!!!! winner will be announced later today!

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