Monday, July 22, 2013

Made It Monday, and A Chance to Win A New Product!

Hi everyone! I have been seeing a lot of blog posts about people getting ready to go back to school shortly, and it has inspired me to start working on things for this next school year. I still have over a month left of summer break! We start late this year... not until September 9th! So I want to use this time to do make a lot of new things.

So for this post, I am linking up to Fourth Grade Frolics Made It Monday! to show you something I have been working on. I have been looking for new things for behavior management and I saw this cute mini clip chart on Pinterest! 

I like this little clip chart. Last year I used little colored cards with numbers on them in pockets on their desk. Well by halfway through the year, the cards were torn, lost, etc. They had to be replaced all the time. This looks much more durable. I like using things where the students can move down for not making good choices, but also up for making good choices. I want to make poster for the room with a cute little saying for each color, then come up with rewards/consequences. 

I also like this because the students can bring them when they go to other pull out classes to remember that their behavior there should still follow our classroom rules. I always have lots of students out for basic skills, ESL, Resource Room.. and they can take these with them, since our pull out teachers always like to work closely with us and what we are doing in the classroom. Here is the link to the pin. You can check out my Pinterest board while you are at it! 

Ok so anyway, here are my sticks I made!! I made 5 colors. They will start in the middle.. then have two ways to move either up or down. (The colors don't look as bright in this picture!)

Now my dilemma is how to decorate the clips! The cute glitter clips I see all over Pinterest? Just paint them another color?? That will be my next project. 

Ok, now for reading through all that post.. in the spirit of Back to School... I will give one person the chance to win these Back To School word problems I just created. They are meant for beginning of the year 3rd graders, and are a review of 2nd grade common core standards. I want to use them to get them started with how we think about word problems right away. Just leave a comment and your email in the comments below and I will choose one winner on Friday, July 26! Good luck!! 

Have a great week everyone! 


  1. The individual clip charts are a great idea. I used Mod Podge to decorate my clothespins with glitter and loved how they turned out! The only problem is it now makes it hard to write student names on the clothespin. I've seen other teachers have their students decorate their own with poms and googlie eyes and such.


  2. This looks like a wonderful and very helpful pack of word problems! I know my Rising 3rd graders would get a lot of use out of them. THank so much for the chance to win!

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  4. The individual clip charts are genius! Love the idea. I also love your pack of word problems...thanks for the chance to win!

  5. I love the individual clip charts. GREAT IDEA!

  6. My kids always need help with word problems! This would be a great supplement!

  7. I love the idea of starting the year with these word problem cards. My classes have always needed more work with word problems.


  8. Thanks for the comments everyone... the winner is.. CHERIE! Check your email for your product! Check back on our blog often for more giveaways! :)