Friday, August 2, 2013

Currently August Link Up!

I love, love, love link ups and linky parties! I have not actually done one myself (until now), but see them all the time in some of my favorite blogs. The possibilities are endless! In fact, I just set my own personal goal for September: to create my own linky party from scratch and see how many followers jump on board (is that even how it works? I'm too excited to think!) Until then, here is my first link up to Oh Boy 4th Grade with her fabulous Currently August. I have a feeling I filled this out wrong. It took a lot of Mic word, text boxes, copy, paste, Paint, pdf-ing, etc. Oh well! It looks cute enough for me!

#3 on my B2s list comes from Oh Boy 4th Grade's TpT store where you can find these adorable seasonal/monthly currently templates to use with your students. I think this could be a very cute thing to use once a month for a different type of journal writing.
I really like any project or idea that allows me to look at my students a little deeper. It's interesting to see what they are closely paying attention to and their thoughts! (They'd probably love to see my Currentlys too.) So THANK YOU Oh Boy 4th Grade for this awesome product.

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