Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Win it Wednesday! *Genre Posters!*

Wow! It's already Wednesday again! Where has the past week gone? Well, KNJ made our annual trip to Lakeshore today and could sum the shopping spree up into one word--overwhelmed. There were so many cute things out and great materials for common core, literacy stations, math stations, etc. To be honest, the bags are still in my car and I have no idea what I just walked out with! Opening them up is going to be like Christmas morning! I do know that I got a lot of important things (to decorate with) and probably NOTHING that I truly need. It's officially that time of the year for us, and I'm feeling many different emotions, especially after shopping today!

For this week's Win it Wednesday, we will be giving away a new item in our Teachers Pay Teachers store--READING GENRE POSTERS! These posters are jungle themed, and even if you do not have a themed classroom they are just so stinkin' cute (if I do say so myself)!
Here are a few shots of the posters.
(There are 2 headings *nonfiction and fiction* and 10 "sub-genres")

To win this product, you must follow one simple rule! Leave a comment below telling us your NUMBER ONE, CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT, MUST BUY product for this school year. Don't forget to leave us your e-mail as well! A winner will be announced this Friday.


  1. My number one product that I can't live without is double-sided duck tape. I use it to put up all my posters, decorations, and so much more!

    Stephanie B

  2. Velcro dots or strips of any kind for putting up decorations, posters, etc. on the wall (they help with no paint coming off and I don't have to worry about pulling out staples).

    Toni Nicholson